Do you have questions about our printing services? Check out our FAQ to learn more.

Learn More About Our Printing Services

Our FAQ has tons of great information about our printing services. You can learn everything from how to place an order to what types of prints you can use. Check it out for all the answers you need!


What kind of artwork do you need for a project?

Vector. A vector file, such as an AI or EPS file extension, is what is needed to start a work order. If you do not have that, don’t worry, we can still work with you on your project. As vector designing is one of our services, we can help with the required artwork files. However, things will move quickly if you have those file formats upfront.

How do I pick a color and know what colors go together?

For the best printing results, choose ink colors and item colors that contrast with one another. For instance, light blue t-shirts with black printing or red t-shirts with white printing.

What is your typical In-Hands Date for an order?

We strive to achieve an in-hands date of two weeks from final order approval. However, due to some factors in the world we live in today, that might not always be attainable for every project. But getting you your custom items as soon as possible is always one of our main goals.

I have a ton of ideas in my head, but I’m not sure how to make them all cohesively work together. Can I set up an appointment with you to discuss this?

ABSOLUTELY! We LOVE brainstorming a perfect custom item that is uniquely yours. Just call, text, email, or Facebook message us to get started.

Can I bring my own item for you to embroider on / print on / engrave on?

Most likely, Yes. However, we need to see the material before any order confirmation, as some decoration techniques require specific guidelines. And, of course, if you do not have an item in hand, we have a TON of options to choose from that we know will produce the absolute perfect results.

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